About Graphexel

Graphexel is a solutions based, specialist designer and producer of some of the best quality, high tech grades of natural and synthetic graphite granules, flakes, powders and micronized powders.

Drawing on a long history of experience, Graphexel creates customised grades of natural and synthetic graphite and other carbon materials to solve problems and meet and often exceed customer expectations of performance in a cost effective manner.

Our Range

Our range of products also includes expandable flake graphite and graphite materials suitable for production of graphene, petroleum coke, activated carbon and carbon black.

Graphexel can supply graphite and carbons for all applications including electrical and mechanical carbons, friction materials, powder metallurgy, mobile energy, polymers, pencils, catalysts, foundry and refractories, intumescent products and graphene.

Our Speciality

Our speciality, and an important growth area for Graphexel, is the expanding range of very high purity synthetic graphite powders which are cost effective alternatives to rival the performance of other high purity synthetic graphites already on the market. Our graphites have become particularly successful in the electrical carbon, friction, polymer, lubricant and powder metallurgy markets.

Strategic agreements with mine sources and supplier partners ensure a constant quality and availability of important raw materials.

With a significant export market, Graphexel has well developed logistic capabilities, and with a truly international customer base we can offer a professional global delivery service.

We focus our R&D activities on providing customer specific solutions and products, together with technical support to assist our existing and new customers to achieve their aims in dynamic and challenging markets for graphite and associated carbons. Graphexel is ISO 9001:2008 registered and has a professional approach to quality with a continuous improvement ethos.

Our Lubricants

Our lubricants division offers PFPE lubricants and water based graphite dispersions designed and manufactured by our own team.