Environmental Protection Industries Ltd

Our sister company, Environmental Protection Industries Ltd (EPI) has been established to serve the waste emission control industry and is one of the leading companies for the provision of activated carbon for a wide range of industrial processes.

Our Focus

Our primary focus is on the supply of Activated Lignite Coke (HOK®) and associated products, and EPI is the exclusive representative of Rheinbraun Brennstoff GmbH of Germany (a division of RWE Power AG) for the sales and marketing of HOK® for the United Kingdom and Eire.

Activated Lignite Coke (HOK®) is used as an activated carbon for numerous applications in environmental technology including:

  • as an adsorbent for flue gas and waste air purification in metallurgical, chemical and refuse waste and special waste incineration processes.
  • in biotechnology, for instance in biological waste water clarification.
  • as a filter material in drinking water treatment.
  • as an adsorbent for cleaning waste landfill seepage and industrial sewage water.

Activated Lignite HOK® has a high BET specific surface area and an ideal pore structure which results in a highly efficient separation of a multitude of pollutants such as sulphur dioxide (SO2), hydrogen chloride (HCl), hydrogen fluoride (HF), hydrogen sulphide (H2S), heavy metals (Hg, Cd, As, Pb, etc,), dioxins and furans and many organic components.

Such pollutants are removed from the flue gas or the waste gas air by adsorption, chemisorption or catalytic conversion, either by the use of moving bed, filter bed or circulating fluidised bed process or by injection of finely milled powder directly into the gas stream.