The Graphexel lubricants division manufactures a range of high quality PFPE lubricants, specialising in low friction fluorinated lubricants and are incorporated into the GXLube range.

These PFPE fluids/PTFE greases have been developed specifically for use on metals, leather, rubber and glass and the GXLube range offers lubricants for engineering, electrical applications, bearings, bakery/food machinery, automotive trim and hybrid vehicle manufacture.

Our Range

The GXLube PFPE range offers high temperature functionality with low volatility, chemical resistance, corrosion protection, non-flammability and high-end engineered lubrication with combined properties ensuring enhancement of your application process.

With impressive cost-effectiveness, the GXLube PFPE products are, throughout the range, biologically inert and non-toxic, will not support biological growth and do not release volatile organic compounds

They are resistant to virtually all aggressive chemicals, inert to gaseous oxygen and suitable for use in high-tech applications. These products are humidity tolerant with operating temperatures of -20°C to +288°C.

Customised products may be produced according to customer demand.

Our Lubricants

The lubricants division also offers graphite dispersions and would be happy to discuss your requirements.

For full technical support on all of our lubricant range, please contact Mr Gregory Kay:

T: +44 (0)1992 564245 or
+44 (0)7765 196413